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Is there too much video gambling in Springfield?

But city budget director Bill McCarty said tax revenue from terminals has stabilized at about $120,000 a month for several months, even as the overall number of play blackjack online for fun terminals has increased. At the end of April 2016, 538 terminals operated at 120 Springfield locations, according to figures from the Illinois Gaming Board. "Given the relative stagnation of revenues in the $120,000 range for many months, it would appear that perhaps we have reached the saturation point with the number of terminals," said McCarty. "The fact is, there are so many machines in place, one has to assume video gaming is convenient for anyone who wants to play, and therefore, most of the revenue produced by new machines will likely come at the expense of existing machines, rather than new money." The state collects a 30 percent tax on net terminal income -- amount gambled minus amount paid out -- with five-sixths going to the state and one-sixth to local governments. In the year บาคาร่า gclub ended April 30, according to Gaming Board numbers, $134.3 million was wagered on Springfield terminals with about $101.7 million paid out and net terminal income (the equivalent of gambling losses) totaling more than $3.2 million. State law sets payoffs as a percentage of wagers. Springfield gambling taxes have been set aside for road and other infrastructure improvements. Mayor Jim Langfelder said he believes video gaming has gone well beyond what was intended by the original state law. He added that he has asked city attorneys whether it would be possible to limit further expansion, though he said he does not yet have a specific proposal. "I always thought it should just be allowed at the bars and nowhere else," said Langfelder.

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I just want to know for my own edification what I was getting into. A. Paying even money on blackjacks adds 2.27 percent to the house edge compared to games that pay 3-2. That’s an enormous difference that dwarfs the house edge on the rest of the game. Take a common six-deck game where the dealer hits soft 17, blackjacks pay 3-2, you may double down on any first two cards including after split, you may split Aces only once but may split any other pair up to three times. That has a house edge of about 0.62 percent. If blackjacks pay even money, the house edge against a basic strategy player zooms to 2.85 percent. At that level, blackjack is a weaker bet than craps pass or come (1.41 percent), craps don’t pass or don’t come (1.36), baccarat banker (1.06), baccarat player (1.24), Three Card Poker ante-play combination (2.01 of total action), many video poker games and more. The lower blackjack payoff does not affect basic strategy.

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He was then led away by security guards. The protester later identified himself online, where he posted the video, as Jack Posobiec, who wrote a book called "Citizens for Trump." U.S. Congressman Steve Scalise, the No. 3 Republican in the U.S. House of Representatives, was critically wounded on Wednesday when he and three others were shot on a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia. The attacker, who had raged against Trump on social media, was killed by police returning fire. Earlier this week, Delta Air Lines Inc and Bank of America Corp pulled funding of the production, hours after Trump's son Donald Jr. sent a Twitter message questioning whether it was art or political speech. In Posobiec's video from New York, audience members are heard booing to show displeasure with the disruption, as Posobiec shouts to call them "Nazis." Posobiec was not arrested.